los angeles garage door repairRepainting During Los Angeles Garage Door Repair

Improving the look of your garage door is a great way to increase curb appeal. If you are thinking of updating your garage door with a new color, you can do so. It does require some steps, though. Los Angeles garage door repair service providers can help address these issues.

Garage Door Material

If you have decided you want to paint your garage door, you first want to consider the material your door is made from. Although most materials can be painted, wooden garage doors are the ones that are usually repainted.

The reason why wood doors are typically repainted is that aluminum and steel garage doors are painted in the factory with powder coating. This type of paint job is so durable that it can last as long as the garage door can.

Vinyl garage doors are infused with color. This means you do not have to worry about peeling or chipping. The color also will not fade as quickly. That being said, you can paint garage doors made out of metal and vinyl.

Reason for Painting a Metal or Vinyl Door

You may want to paint your metal or vinyl garage door if you want a change in color. You can change the look and style of the exterior of your home by applying new paint to your garage door. If you have rusty areas or your garage door has been scratched, this can be another reason to repaint your garage door.

Painting your garage door, however, means that you now have to maintain your garage door regularly. You will have to recoat the paint about every five years. Not doing so will cause the paint to deteriorate. If the door deteriorates beyond repair, you can reach out to a service that offers garage repair in Los Angeles.

Timeframe for Repainting a Wooden Garage Door

Exterior paint on your garage door usually lasts around five to seven years. You really want to paint your garage door before the paint starts to chip or peel off. You can repaint it after, but the painting project can become more complicated. If you notice any fading or chalking, it is time to repaint the door. Should you want a change in color, you can paint your garage door then as well.

Paint Color Ideas and Los Angeles Garage Door Repair

Most people paint their garage door white. This is because the color white screams crisp and classic. There are some other colors you can choose from, though. A neutral color is a great option. You can choose a color that matches your siding. It is also possible to go with a color that is darker than your siding.

Choosing a color to match your trim is also a good choice. If you used an accent color to paint your front door, you can use the same color on your garage door. Remember that if you do not like the color, you can always repaint it. You can also reach out for garage door service in Los Angeles.

Amount of Paint Necessary

When deciding on the amount of paint you need, you need to find out how big your garage door is. You also want to think about the material your garage door is made from.

Wooden doors usually require more paint than aluminum ones. If you are using the same shade to paint your garage door, you do not need as much paint. However, if you are going from a light color to a dark one or a dark to a light one, you will require more paint.

If you want to be on the safe side, buy a gallon of the paint you have selected. You will have enough paint for your door and have some extra should you have to retouch the garage door later on.

For a steel or aluminum door, you will need high-quality latex house paint for the exterior. Wait for pleasant weather to paint the door as you should not do it in weather conditions that are extremely hot, cold, or wet. Metal and alloy tend to expand based on temperature which means the paint will not dry in the right way. As a result, the paint can look cracked and faded.

When it comes to a wooden garage door, it requires some care as well. You want to sand it and apply the primer before painting the door. Make sure the paint you use is suitable for outdoor use.

Prepare Your Garage Door for Painting

Once you have purchased the supplies you need for painting your garage door, you have to prepare it for painting. Your door is probably dirty with dust and grime. Some of the paint may be oxidized.

You can start by pressure washing both sides of your garage door. Allow it to dry. Then, use a sanding block on the whole garage door. It is not necessary for the sanding to be completely even.

It is important that you get the grime off the door so that your paint job does not appear shoddy. See if there is any dirt under the hinges and sides to sand away any buildup.

To avoid drips of paint on your driveway or garage floor, lay down an old blanket around the area that you plan on painting. You also want to tape up the trim of the garage door to avoid getting paint on it.

Some Painting Tips

When painting your garage door, use long strokes. Once you have applied one coat, allow it to dry. Then, apply another coat. You want to paint each panel lengthwise until you get to the hinges. In order to paint the panel ends, slide up the door so the hinges separate.

A Few Ideas

In order to apply a solid color to your garage door, you can use a combination of a roller for large areas and a paintbrush for smaller ones. If you want the brush strokes to b visible on the door, you can just use the paintbrush on the whole door.

For a wooden garage door, you can go for a worn aesthetic by sanding the old paint and staining the garage door. You can also use a color to match the house. As for aluminum doors, you can use your paintbrush to design patterns.

Final Thoughts

Repainting your Los Angeles garage door requires time and effort. Wooden doors require that you paint them every five to seven years. The same can be true for metal doors once you have decided to paint them. For larger issues that require South Beach garage door repair, it may be best to reach out to a professional.