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Los Angeles Garage Door Repair for Your Safety Sensor

Your garage door is expensive and essential equipment for your home, and its functions are far beyond just opening and closing your garage. A garage door operates through some complex mechanism. For optimal efficiency, you need to ensure regular maintenance to serve you better and protect your investment. Therefore, use the best Los Angeles garage door repair expert companies to keep your garage door working efficiently.

Your garage has a key functional component which is the safety sensor. As the name suggests, the primary function of the safety sensor is to enhance the safety of your garage door when closing. Typically, the safety sensor sends a beam across the garage door length to detect any object in the way before the door closes. As a built-in safety mechanism, the garage door won’t close if there is any obstruction, such as objects, people, or pets. Therefore, a safety sensor is an ideal gadget to avoid the garage door from crushing on your property, pets, or members of your family.

Below are the reasons why you should fix your garage door safety sensor and have it working properly.

Sensors Offer an Extra Set of Eyes

In some cases, you may not always be alert enough to notice when something is blocking your garage door from closing. At times, the sensor may stop the door from closing. You might be mistaking it for a malfunction, only to realize that a box or a bike is sticking out into the door’s path.

The extra set of eyes goes a long way in preventing extensive damage to your property or harm to your loved ones and even pets. When your garage door safety sensor fails, you could easily overlook a potential hazard. This means facing unfortunate accidents and damage to property. Garage door safety sensors are vital components that South Beach garage door repair companies take seriously.

Los Angeles Garage Door Repair for Sensors Protects Children and Pets

Usually, children and pets have very erratic movements and may even bypass your vigilant eyes. You may have keenly examined the area around your garage before deciding it’s okay to close the garage door. Out of nowhere, a dog could run under the garage door, or your children could follow and try sliding past the door.

Due to their fast movements, children and pets are hard to control. If the sensors aren’t working properly, both can be in danger and get hurt by the garage door as it closes. You should always talk to your children about garage door safety and have your pets restrained.

Not only do garage door safety sensors protect your children and pets, but they also protect the garage door itself. Garage door damage could result in thousands of dollars in repair costs. In addition, the sensors help prevent damage to your car if you leave a section of it across the door’s path.

Sensors Are Installed Low to the Ground During Los Angeles Garage Door Repair

Many small things can sneak past the garage door while it’s closing. A neighbor’s cat, small dog, or even a raccoon could run inside and not easily noticeable from your rear mirror.

For this reason, garage door safety sensors are fixed low to the ground to catch anything blocking the closing space or anything sneaking in by the threshold. Your Los Angeles garage door repair technicians are well versed in handling the installation.

Sensors Enhance Security

Unfortunately, there are many stories of burglars getting past the garage doors to gain access to people’s homes. Even though the garage door sensor may not alert you when that happens, the door will stop closing. It’s not much, but everything counts in ensuring the safety of your home and peace of mind.

They’re a Sign of a Well-Maintained System

Imagine the time comes to sell your home to some prospective buyers, and they’re touring the property and into your garage with the home inspector. Everything looks fantastic and works perfectly, except for the garage door sensor system. And suddenly, the buyers start having questions about the care of the system. They then begin wondering what other repairs the house needs before proceeding with the sale.

One of the ways to show that you’re keen on ensuring safety within your house is to have all systems working properly, including the garage door sensor. Doing so gives any prospective buyers confidence to support your home sale!

A Garage Door Is Extremely Heavy

Due to the weight of any garage door, safety systems are necessary. Safety becomes even more critical when your garage is extremely heavy. Therefore, there’s a huge difference between an aluminum door closing down on your car, compared to a steel door with glass windows closing on your vehicle. If you have a heavy garage door, a safety sensor shouldn’t be optional but your top priority.

It’s the Law

In some states, such as Utah, all automatic garage door opening systems must have safety sensors and have been so since 1993. If your garage door has a faulty sensor, and you try selling your home, it’s an issue that is bound to arise during the home inspection, and you’ll be required to repair it. Therefore, you should fix it now and enjoy all the safety benefits you deserve.

Improve Efficiency

Since the sensors provide much safety for your home, regular maintenance and repair will guarantee the optimal efficiency of the system. The sensors need to be checked for dust, dirt, and debris. Ensure they are wiped down regularly with a soft cloth.

In addition, during maintenance, ensure the sensors are properly aligned. If misaligned, the beam may detect that as an obstruction, thus preventing the garage door from closing. To correct the misalignment, check whether any loose screws in the brackets holding the sensor and tighten them. If you identify that the brackets need modifications, simply bend them until the sensors fall in line.

Get the Best Los Angeles Garage Door Repair

Ensuring that you fix your garage door sensors has many benefits for your home. Most importantly, it ensures safety by preventing any unfortunate accidents from happening. Get the best Los Angeles garage door repair from expert companies such as Precision Door Service if your garage door sensors regularly malfunction.