garage repair los angelesLos Angeles Garage Door Repair for a Door That Won’t Raise

Sometimes, your garage door won’t raise all the way. This could be a variety of issues, but the good news is that you can often do the Los Angeles garage door repair yourself if you know what to check for. This will show you what is most commonly causing the issue and how you can correct it. Some problems will require a professional though, so keep that in mind.

Los Angeles Garage Door Repair Tips for the Safety Sensor

The first thing you’ll want to check is the safety sensor, also known as the photo-eye. You will find two identical sensors on each side of the garage. These are essential because it prevents the door from closing on someone if they are under the door. They project an invisible beam that, if broken, stops the door from moving.

Problems with the sensor prevent the door from both opening and closing. Start by checking the alignment. The sensors must point directly towards each other. If one sensor is pointing too high or low, then this can create issues. Straighten them out and see if that fixes the issue.

You should also see if there is anything obstructing the beam. The lens might be dirty, so clean both sensors and remove any obstructions between the beam. If that still isn’t doing it, then check the wiring and ensure that each sensor is powered up. They will usually have a light on the side indicating that they are working.

Issues With the Tracks

Another garage repair tip for your Los Angeles garage is to check the tracks. The tracks are the metal parts that run alongside the garage door. The wheels on the door move up and down the tracks. Any problems or obstructions here can prevent the door from going up completely.

This problem tends to be gradual. You might notice initially that you sometimes need to force the door open or that it moves oddly while going up or down. You might also hear a grinding sound while the door moves.

To see if it’s the tracks, pay attention to them while the door is moving. Listen for any obstructions as these tend to be loud. Lubricating the tracks might be enough if there is just a small obstruction like dirt or other particles. If the track is damaged, then you can either repair or replace it.

This problem tends to require professional help. While you can adjust or replace the tracks yourself, it’s very easy to mess up the tracks while doing this. It’s suggested that you get a professional unless the problem is relatively minor.

Worn or Broken Spring

If the garage door isn’t moving up at all, or if you’re hearing the spring really struggling while the door moves, then this might be causing the issue. Solving this garage repair issue with your Los Angeles garage can be difficult unless you know how to change springs.

The tension spring is what raises your door and keeps it in place. If the spring is worn, then you might notice that the door doesn’t open all the way. It may also seem like the tremendous effort is needed to open the door. Another telltale sign is how heavy the door seems if you manually open it. The door normally should be fairly easy to move. If the door feels very heavy now, then the spring is broken and is no longer supporting the door.

You should first check to see if the spring is still intact. It might just require some maintenance, or there might be an obstruction preventing the door from opening. You can sometimes just repair it. The spring will need to be replaced in most cases. A professional is better suited for this, but you may be able to do it on your own.

Improperly Installed Garage Door Opener

The problem could be your automatic garage door opener. A very large majority of homes now have these, so there’s a good chance this could be the problem. If you just installed the opener, had to restart it for any reason, or had a major software upgrade, then this could be the issue. The opener may not be pulling the spring enough, which leads to the garage not opening.

You can fix this usually by restarting the opener and allowing the garage door to fully open and fully close a few times. There is usually an up and down button on the opener. Push this until the door is in the proper place. This should correct the issue as the opener will be properly aligned now.

Be sure to consult the owner’s manual as there might be other options available for your particular opener. For example, if you have an opener that connects to your phone, then there might be other tools in the app to help with this.

Garage Opener Remote Problems

Another issue that may be causing the door to only open part of the way is the remote. Check the batteries and make sure they are good. Try replacing them to see if that fixes the problem. The antenna could also be broken or misaligned in the garage door opener. This might mean that it only partially receives the signal and only opens the door halfway. Check the antenna to see if there are any problems.

Some remotes have a lock feature. Try resetting this, and see if that corrects the problem. If the remote is in an app on your phone, then try upgrading the app. If that doesn’t work, then uninstall and then reinstall the app and try again. The remote may also need to be reprogrammed as it may have lost connection with the opener.

Watch the Garage

If all of these tips aren’t working and you’re still having issues with your garage door opening, then head into the garage and see what’s going on. Sometimes, you need to watch the garage to figure this out. See if anything jostles unusually while the door is opening partially. You should also listen for any grinding or unusual noises.

Do this a few times until you get a feel for the problem. You can usually pinpoint the issue just by watching it move a few times. At the same time, be careful and stay a safe distance from the garage. You don’t want a spring to pop or the door to disconnect and hurt you. A Los Angeles garage door repair professional can help you identify and address the problem.