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Los Angeles Garage Repair Can Provide Backup for Power Outages

In the last decade, there has been an increase in the number of severe weather conditions. As a result, there has also been an increase in power outages. This can affect the operation of the garage door. It has been reported that 70 percent of homeowners use the garage to access their homes. Therefore, it is necessary for garages to be able to open even during a power outage. Los Angeles garage repair services offer options for this very thing.

Garage doors are heavy. So when it doesn’t open because of a power outage, this can be a real issue. Many people don’t think about this. However, being unprepared when a power outage occurs can not only be inconvenient, but downright dangerous.

Opening a Garage Door Manually

An older model of a garage door opener can only be opened manually. Depending on the model, you will need to disengage the trolley by pulling the red emergency release cord down. Then you have to lift the door, back your car out, close the garage, and reconnect the trolley to the release mechanism. If you don’t reconnect the release mechanism, it will be easy for thieves and undesirable to get into the garage.

You can also reengage the trolly by installing a sidelock on the inside of the garage door. When you push the steel bar that is connected to the lock in the vertical track, no one will be able to enter the garage.

Using an Integrated Battery Backup System

Builders can help customers to be prepared for the next natural disaster or blackout. Some garage door openers have an integrated battery backup system. When it is installed properly by Los Angeles garage door repair companies, it provides tranquility of mind and protection for your family. All new garage door openers sold in California, by law, have this integrated battery backup system.

A battery backup is used to open or close a garage during a power outage. The 12-volt battery unit is small. LiftMaster, Genie, and Chamberlain are a few brands that sell garage door openers with a battery backup.

For most backup battery systems, your battery should sound a beep about every 20 to 30 seconds and a red or orange light to tell you the battery’s condition. Check the manufacturer’s website to know what to do regarding the battery backup system of your specific model.

Preparing for Emergencies

It is possible to open the garage door manually by using the emergency release handle in the garage. You should definitely make sure you and your family know how to do this. There have been incidences of people not being able to use the manual garage door opener when an emergency strikes. However, having a garage door opener that has backup power is even more convenient.

Getting out of your car during a storm to manually open your garage door can mean life or death. You may need to remove your car from the garage so you can escape a forest fire or a hurricane. It is possible that you won’t have enough time to manually open the garage door.

Features of a Battery Backup System

There are many garage door openers that have a battery backup system for you to choose from. This allows you to access your garage in a timely manner even during a power outage. It also allows you to secure your garage from intruders from getting in.

Once the power is gone, the battery backup system will start working immediately. All remote controls will also work normally. Every system has a slight variation. However, you will know that the battery backup system is working based on the sounds the opener makes as the door opens and closes.

The LED light on the opener will flash to alert you when the battery is being charged, in use, or for the battery to be replaced. The battery will usually last one or two years. The battery may also have a one-year warranty for the original owner.

The Importance of Los Angeles Garage Repair

Part of being prepared for an emergency means knowing how to open your garage door manually. It also means having an integrated battery backup system can literally mean the difference between life and death. During past California forest fires, several individuals died because they didn’t have this system. If you have an older garage door opener. It may be time to upgrade. All the new door openers in California now offer this safety feature. Contact a Los Angeles garage repair service to find out what your options are. You can also find services for garage door repair in South Beach.