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Maintenance Tips From Your Local Garage Door Service in Los Angeles

Does your garage door need regular maintenance checks to keep things running smoothly? The answer from the experts in local garage door service in Los Angeles is a resounding “yes.” This article presents several important tips and additional factors to keep in mind with regards to maintaining the health and stability of your home’s garage door.

Why Is Garage Door Maintenance So Vital?

Garage door maintenance should be kept a high priority for several reasons. The primary reason to do regular checks on your garage door system is safety. Damage or aging garage door components can weaken the overall system which puts the door at a greater risk for malfunction. This could cause damage to people or property within the vicinity.

Also, regular spot-checks on your garage door can help maintain a healthy system and avoid potentially expensive repairs for catastrophic failures. Routine maintenance can also help extend the overall life span of your garage door, saving you time and money on a costly garage door replacement process.

Do Your Reading Before Performing Basic Garage Door Maintenance

The first thing you may want to do is to get familiar with your specific garage door model and brand. This may require digging a little deeper into the door’s owner’s manual to learn the ins and outs of the various mechanisms and to find out what specific maintenance needs your door may have. This also may help you determine whether the required maintenance can be done by you, the homeowner, or if you need to call in the professionals on a regular basis. Experienced teams like Precision Door have years of expertise in garage door service in Los Angeles and are always ready to take your call.

Begin With a Basic and Thorough Visual Inspection

Start your regular maintenance routine with a detailed once-over of the entire garage door system down to the small components. Check for obvious signs of wear and tear around moving parts. Identify any coils or springs that may be stretched out of shape or that may be showing rust or damage. Give a good look to all of the rollers, door sensers and cables as well to see if anything looks to have fallen slightly out of alignment. Once you identify any problem areas, you can move on to the next steps.

Maintenance and Garage Door Service in Los Angeles Begin With the Basics

To start, keeping all of your garage door’s parts moving smoothly requires a bit of lubrication. The daily wear and tear of all those metal parts can eventually grind to the point of damage, so keeping things well-lubricated can help prevent potential deterioration. The garage door chain, rollers and hinges can all benefit from an adequate amount of lubrication during your maintenance check.

While you were doing your initial visual inspection, you may have noted some nuts and bolts that could use tightening. Vibrations from regular use tend to gradually loosen some of the parts on your system. Again, this is a simple procedure that can be completed with a basic socket wrench.

And don’t forget to clear the garage door track. Over time, dust and debris can pile up on the track causing the once smooth operation to become bumpy and noisy. A quick cleaning of that area will allow the garage door to glide more smoothly and improve the overall health of your door system.

Some of these basic tasks involved with garage door maintenance can be performed by the homeowner, but it is never a bad idea to consult with a professional service like Precision Door to see if their services might fit the bill.

How Often Should You Have Garage Door Service in Los Angeles Perform Garage Door Maintenance?

Most garage door experts agree that routine maintenance as outlined above on all garage door components should be performed at least once a year. You may want to set a reminder to make sure this task gets completed along with all of your other household maintenance chores. Yearly maintenance will allow you to hopefully catch any potential problems before they become costly catastrophes and help to extend the life of our home garage door.

Additionally, a brief visual inspection of your garage door system, including the garage door opener, should be performed every month or two. Even if no additional maintenance is required, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the various moving parts of your system on a more regular basis to help prevent unexpected damage that may have been prevented if caught earlier.

Again, the main focus of regular garage door inspection and maintenance is the safety of your home and loved ones. Prevention also goes a long way to helping you cut costs on the repair and replacement of parts on your garage door system, so make regular inspections and maintenance a high priority in your game plan to maintain the health of your home. And if you are crunched for time or simply would like to avoid undertaking the process on yourself, call your local experts in garage door service in Los Angeles and let professionals take the guess work and stress out of garage door maintenance practices.