Make Your Garage Door Power Outage-Proof

A power outage is almost always an unplanned and inconvenient experience. One of the most frustrating side-effects of a power outage is that power garage doors cease to work. This can result in your car being trapped in the garage, or in the garage door being precariously unable to close. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to make sure your garage door will work even in a power outage.

Install an Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supplies, or UPCs, are devices that are typically used to protect computers and other electronic equipment during power outages. They consist primarily of a large battery and an inverter to provide power during outages. They are charged from a regular outlet and are automatically turned on if power is lost. By installing a UPC in line with your garage door power, the door will still function off battery power even if power is lost.

Have a Solar Backup for a Power Outage

While a UPC is a great solution, it still depends on the grid to charge the battery itself. A great way to augment this dependence is by installing a small solar panel on your garage. Solar panels have never been more efficient or less expensive, and even a small panel will provide the necessary current to make sure that your battery backup will remain functional indefinitely.

Choose a Garage Door with a Manual Override

While installing a UPC and a solar panel provides the most convenient solution, a simpler solution is often available in the short-term. Many garage doors are equipped with a manual override that allows the door to be opened and closed without power. Sometimes this takes the form of a string and latch, while sometimes it involves a crank to manually turn over the mechanism. In either case, it is worth checking whether your specific model has one of these features. Further, if you are installing a new garage door, make sure you select one with a manual override option. If you have any questions or need help power-outage-proofing your garage door, your best option is to contact an expert in garage door repair in Los Angeles.