flammable hazards

Flammable Hazards You Should Never Store in Your Garage

We all know that some things are more flammable than others, and there are plenty of flammable hazards that you wouldn’t want to keep inside your home. Unfortunately, many of those items also don’t belong in the garage, either. Take a look at this list of fire-prone items that you should clear out of the garage.

Gasoline: King of Flammable Hazards

We know that it’s tempting to keep some extra gas for the snowblower or lawnmower in the garage, but you shouldn’t store it in the garage because it’s flammable. Since garages are usually close to the house and a single spark could light the gas on fire, you should store your extra gas in a shed away from the house.

LP Tanks

If you’ve ever wondered where you should keep the next propane tank for your gas grill, the shed away from the house is a good option, again. There’s a reason why there’s always a sign in front of the tanks at the gas station that says to keep flames and fire-prone items away from the cage where they keep the tanks.


Not only will paint separate when it’s kept in a place that experiences extreme temperatures, but oil paint is also very flammable because of the solvents. Instead, paints should be stored in a temperature-controlled place, such as a room inside the house that’s away from any source of heat or potential sparks.

Finding a safe place to store combustible materials is important if you really need it. But you should also try to get rid of any combustible materials if you don’t actually need them, or they’ll go bad before you have a chance to use them. If you need more advice, contact a company that specializes in garage door repairs in South Beach.