Convert the Garage for Extra Space

It could be a dozen things: the kids and pets are older and bigger and take up entirely too much space; someone now telecommutes and needs a home office; the time has come for octogenarian mom and dad to move in. Whatever the case, you need more space, and you need it soon!

If you’re like millions of Americans, however, buying a larger home or building an extension just isn’t in the cards right now. After all, Los Angeles real estate and construction costs are currently higher than Seth Rogen at a Ziggy Marley concert.

But fear not; we have a solution: Convert the garage — or even half the garage — instead! Be brave! Make it a DIY project!

Garage Conversion Options

The options are endless. Keep the garage as one big room or break it up into an in-law suite. If you enjoy a two- or three-car garage, convert one half into a home office and leave the other side for a vehicle. Whichever direction you choose, before beginning, make sure to secure necessary permits or licenses.

Mind the Garage Doors

When embarking on a garage conversion, be mindful of the doors. Do you want them operational, allowing for a versatile outdoor-indoor space? Or perhaps the doors can add an industrial flair to a new office or living space. If you want to shutter them permanently, getting it done correctly should be a top priority. Enlist a professional company that can provide a garage door repair in Los Angeles.

So what are you waiting for!? The time has come to stretch out into the garage. Once it’s done, you’ll be thrilled you did it. Good luck and happy converting!