3 Signs a Garage Door Needs a Repair

As a homeowner, you shoulder the responsibility of caring for your property. The hope is that nothing will leak, burst or show its age. Everything, however, becomes worn and eventually requires repair. This reality includes the garage door. You will know that you need a garage door repair in Long Beach because signs will present themselves. Here are three to consider.

Broken Springs

If you have noticed that the garage door only opens six inches, the top of the door is bent or the door falls quickly as it closes, the springs may be broken. Loud bangs, the emergency rope failing or visible hanging cables are other warnings. When a garage door has broken springs in Long Beach, they can easily be repaired. In the worst case scenario, they require replacement.

Noisy Sounds

If your garage door in Long Beach operates on automatic power, it will make sounds when it opens and closes. There is such a thing as too loud, though. Over time, your ear has become accustomed to those sounds, so if you believe they have changed, it may be a sign the garage door opener requires repair. If it requires a simple tune-up, it can be completed. Proper maintenance is the best way to prevent a full system replacement before it is necessary.

Door Is No Longer on the Track

The garage door tracks serve a purpose. Slamming the door shut too hard, broken parts and path interference can cause it to fall off. Once opening and shutting the door becomes a chore, it is a sign it requires attention and repairs in Long Beach.