There is no need to worry if you have lost your garage door’s remote control. Below are a few options that can restore your ability to open the door.

Several Options for Replacing a Garage Door’s Remote Control

If you have ever been in a panic when you came home from a long day and you cannot find your garage door’s remote control, you can relax because there are options available to open your door without inconveniencing yourself. While it is no fun to worry about where your remote might be and who might have access to your home, you can take several actions to restore entry and ensure your security.

Buying a New Remote

Perhaps the easiest option for replacing a lost remote is buying a universal replacement remote. These remotes are designed to work with every make and model on the market with a little bit of programming. You can also try to find a manufacturer’s replacement if you really liked the size, shape, or functionality of your lost garage door remote control.

Reprogramming Keyed Entry Panel

If you have a keyed entry panel, you can also rely on this to gain access to your garage. While not as convenient as purchasing a replacement unit, it is a solid option if your garage already has a keyed panel on the exterior of your home and you don’t want to spend money. You should change this number out frequently, especially if you just lost a garage door remote.

Ditch the Remote Control With a Smart Garage Door

If you are looking to get rid of your remote entirely, perhaps it is time to invest in a smart garage. As part of your garage repair in Los Angeles, a technician can install a smart unit that lets you open your door from your phone. You can do this from a half-mile down the street or as soon as you leave the office. Smart systems give you full control of how and when you open the door.