Select a Garage Door to Match Your Home’s Brick

Whether your home is built entirely of brick or has brick accents, you can select a garage door color that complements the brick. When you choose the right color for the door, your garage door will serve an important role in the curb appeal of your home.

Match the Brick

It’s common for brick homes to have a reddish hue. If that’s the tint of your brick, consider installing a dark red garage door to match it. On the other hand, many bricks are closer to brown, so you could opt for a brick house door color in a similar shade — whether that’s a coffee, chocolate or leather tone. When you match the color of your Los Angeles garage door to your home’s brick in this way, it creates a monochromatic color scheme, especially if you have an all-brick house.

Pick Out an Accent Color

A single brick can often contain a full range of colors. Instead of using the main background shade for garage door color schemes, you can draw inspiration from the small flecks of color in the bricks. For example, your reddish bricks may have tan accents in them, so a tan door will look right at home on your garage. Likewise, if your gray bricks include flecks of blue, a blue garage door can be a striking addition to your home.

Go for White

No matter what color your house is, a white garage door will look nice. White is the most popular garage door color idea because it’s a neutral shade that goes with everything. For every brick garage, a white door is complementary and lends a sense of unity to the overall design. Other neutral colors include brown, black and gray, and you could choose one of those if you don’t feel that white is the right neutral for your home.