Convenient Places to Keep Your Garage Door Remotes

Garage door remotes are handy devices that allow you to enter your home without leaving your car. After a garage door repair in Long Beach, many homeowners have openers installed that work via garage door remote. A common concern among homeowners is finding the right place to store their automatic garage door remote. Many homeowners fear that their remotes may be stolen or fall into the wrong hands. A stolen remote could allow burglars to have potential entry into their homes.

Don’t Leave the Remote in Your Car

While having your garage door opener in your car is convenient, it can also be dangerous. If a burglar spots the remote on your sun visor, all they have to do is smash your car’s window to gain access to your home. For this reason, we recommend that homeowners don’t leave their openers in their cars.

Use a Keychain Remote

In the last few years, keychain garage door openers have become more common. You can leave the garage door opener on your keychain, so it’s with you at all times. If your garage door opener is too big, aftermarket keychain openers are available and can be easily programmed.

Keep Your Garage Door Opener in Your Purse

Just as the title states, leave the garage door opener in your purse. With the opener in your bag, you have easy access, and it will be with you at all times. Having the remote in your purse means that it’s out of sight and out of mind. This means less opportunity for it to be stolen.

Garage remote theft is mostly one of those crimes where if criminals don’t have easy access to it, they can’t steal it. Keeping your remotes out of sight means less opportunity for them to be taken.