Garage Door Trends to Consider for 2019

Each feature on your home determines its overall appeal and style. The garage door is one of the main focal points on the exterior of your home, which can date the property or cause it to look modern. Here are a few door trends to consider for 2019 to create a contemporary and updated setting.


One of the most classic and attractive features to have on your garage door are windows, which is a defining trend that allows natural light into the garage. Consider installing a garage door that features glass panels that look upscale and modern. Windows that are arranged vertically are modern and can feature tint to prevent as much as sunlight from coming in and will increase your level of privacy. The windows can also be frosted to prevent your neighbors from seeing the contents of your garage.

Steel Doors

Steel garage doors are sleek and are popular among homeowners for their seamless design. Unlike wood doors that often need more garage door repair in South Beach when they become warped or rot, steel doors are more durable and can withstand the elements. They also have a longer lifespan, which can make it an investment that pays off since you’ll be avoiding more repairs that can come with other types of materials that are available. There are many different color shades and styles of steel garage doors, which makes it easy to select a product that complements your home’s architecture.

The Color Black

The color black is having a moment in 2019 and is favored by homeowners for its classic shade that is unconventional but edgy. Consider painting your garage door with the color black or installing a new black garage door. Black doors make a statement on homes that have a lighter color shade and will allow the feature to pop. The dark color will also prevent grime and dirt from being visible.