premium garage door with windows in suburban home

Top 3 Features a Premium Garage Door Should Have

Opting for a premium garage door is a fantastic way to turn a good investment into a great one. The additional benefits that come with enhanced materials, quality insulation and rust prevention ensure that your garage door is fully equipped to handle all of the elements. Check out the top three features your premium garage door should have.


Insulation is a key feature that not only helps to reduce energy costs but also serves to significantly boost its longevity and durability. Additional layers of steel and insulation are incorporated into the door’s design to enhance energy efficiency, maintain even interior temperatures and offer quieter operation. This reduces heat waste from your home and helps keep everything in balance.

Premium Garage Door Materials

Premium materials range from steel to wood with a variety of materials in between, set apart from typical materials by their quality. Durable construction and the additional use of high-quality components such as nylon rollers for quieter, smoother operation increase your garage door’s ability to function consistently and for much longer than standard doors. Many materials are also customizable, so you can get the most out of your investment by getting exactly the look you want to match the rest of your home.

Rust Prevention

Some premium garage doors are coated with rust preventative primers and finishes that provide three layers of protection over a steel core. This special feature extends the exterior life of your garage door and dramatically reduces the possibility that you’ll need a future replacement due to rust corrosion. If you’re on the lookout to upgrade your garage, a Los Angeles garage door repair company can offer an excellent selection of garage doors with premium features that’ll perfectly suit the style of your house.