Getting Your Garage Door Ready for Warm Weather

Garage doors are capable of withstanding a lot of abuse in different weather conditions but still need to be cared for and prepped when there’s about to be a change with the weather. Once the summer season arrives, you’ll need to get the product ready for the high temperatures to limit the about of wear that occurs in the heat. Here are a few ways you can get your garage door ready for warm weather to ensure it continues to operate well.

Check the Springs

The springs are one of the main parts of garage doors that are at risk of breaking if they suffer from rust. Perform a visual inspection to determine if any gaps are present or if they look worn down, which is a sign that they’ll likely snap off in the near future. If you spot a broken spring, contact a technician to perform garage door repair in Los Angeles, which will allow the mechanisms to operate more efficiently when the door is in use. Applying lubrication to the surrounding parts will also keep it operating correctly.

Replace the Weatherstripping before Warm Weather

The weatherstripping that is installed determines how well your garage is sealed during the warmer months of the year and if any drafts are present. Consider replacing any weatherstripping that is loose or damaged and clean any material that is still in good condition. Inspecting the insulation is also necessary to ensure you can have more control of the internal climate in the building during heat waves. With proper insulation, you can protect the parts from excessive wear in the heat.

Shade the Sensors

The garage door sensors are prone to suffering from damage if they’re exposed to the sun for too long, which makes it necessary to shade the features from sunlight. Using pieces of cardboard will be useful to prevent damage from occurring, which will ensure that the sensors continue to operate well when the door opens and closes.