Why Is My Garage Door So Noisy?

If you’ve started to experience noise issues with your garage door when it’s in operation, it’s likely that you want to get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. However, your garage door can have a noisy operation because of a wide range of different reasons. From door opener issues to problems with the garage door hardware, being able to diagnose the problem will help you determine how to reduce or eliminate the noise altogether.

Garage Door Opener Issues

It’s possible that the noise you’re hearing is coming from your garage door opener as opposed to the door itself. Older openers can be exceedingly loud, which is a common problem with any opener that’s older than 15 years old. The only way to properly remedy this issue is by replacing the entire unit. If the opener uses a chain or wire mechanism to pull open the garage, rust accumulation could be the cause of the noise as the chains grind together. Check the trolley of your opener for any loose bolts as well.

Garage Door Hardware Problems

If you’ve conducted a thorough inspection of your garage door opener, the noise could be coming from the actual door. Doors that are made solely from steel have the potential to be noisier than other kinds. Worn down rollers and spring systems can also create loud noises when the door is opening or closing. You should also look for any loose bolts along the tracks of the door.

How to Fix This Noise

While it’s certainly possible to fix some of the smaller garage door issues on your own, it’s also possible that you could make the noise worse, which could be frustrating to deal with while also causing you to spend more money to get the problem fixed. Any reputable repair company can provide you with a garage door repair in Visalia that will have the issue diagnosed and the problem fixed in no time. It’s possible that a simple tune-up would be able to correct the issue with the application of lubricant.