Types of Garage Door Openers to Select From

If you have never purchased a garage door opener before, it can be difficult to understand the differences between each type of opener available to you. In order to be certain that you pair your Los Angeles garage door with the right opener, you should know about the main differences between the three types of garage door openers.

Belt Drive Opener

These openers are designed first and foremost to be paired with garage doors that are opened via a belt drive. The main benefit of using this type of opener is that operation of the opener is very quiet, which is ideal if you don’t arrive home from work until later in the evening. A belt drive opener is priced accordingly to accommodate the quiet nature of the system.

Chain Drive Opener

This is the most commonly used door opener available. This system uses a standard chain drive to move your garage door up and down and is known to be reliable. The main issue with using this type of system is that it can be somewhat noisy, which makes it useful for any kind of detached garage.

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

This garage door opener uses a threaded steel rod to close and open the door by moving a trolley. The main difference with this type of opener is that it doesn’t house nearly as many components as the two other opener types, which means that maintenance requirements are relatively low over the course of its lifetime. These units, however, can be noisy when in operation. Keep in mind that every type of garage door opener can be outfitted with different components and features, which include everything from a manual release to rolling code technology. Once you’ve chosen a garage door opener that meets your needs and has the features that you want, make sure that it’s installed properly by a repair company that has experience with the installation of door openers.