Ways to Secure Your Garage Door’s Weak Links

As the largest entrance to your home, garage security is no doubt one of a homeowner’s most important responsibilities. However, this task is often not included within a maintenance checklist as garage door companies often boast about the security measures placed on their doors. The reality is that thieves have various ways to overpass these security measures. The following list includes a number of ways to begin securing your garage door’s weak links.

The Weak Links

One of the major weak links of a garage door is its flexibility. Understandably, these doors must be flexible in order to move up the tracks as well as withstand powerful winds. However, thieves can easily press against the door and attempt what is called fishing. This is where a thieve inserts a line onto the top of your garage door in order to get ahold of the emergency release rope. You may prevent this type of security risk by placing a shield between these two areas, thus making it impossible for would-be thieves to get ahold of this emergency release rope.

Utilize Technology

Fortunately, there has been an incredible amount of innovation in garage door technology. Thus, the next security tip involves your garage door opener. Often times, homeowners will place their opener on their home/car keychain. This is a big mistake as you can place yourself and your family at risk in the event that your keys are lost or stolen. Instead, utilize modern technology to do many of the functions that your opener would do. Today, you can find a variety of Los Angeles garage door repair companies that can install devices that link onto your mobile device. Doing so will provide you with the ability to keep your opener secured as well as receive other types of warnings, such as when your garage door is being opened.