How to Secure Your Garage Door and Avoid a Break-In

When a burglar targets your home, they often take a close look at the building to determine the best way to access the interior setting. Many intruders attempt to get in through the garage when the rest of the house is locked. If you want to secure your garage door and prevent a break-in, there are a few necessary steps to take as a homeowner for added peace of mind.

Use Zip Ties

An easy and affordable way to secure your garage is with the use of zip ties when you’re away from the property for an extended amount of time. Many intruders can break into automatic doors by using a coat hanger to release the emergency handle. With the use of a zip tie, they won’t be able to pull on the handle from the outside. If you want to secure the garage even further, you can completely remove the emergency pull.

If you have an old door, you may need to hire a professional to provide you with garage door service in Los Angelesto ensure that the materials are replaced and that the feature is strong enough to keep intruders out.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are useful for illuminating the exterior of your property and making intruders visible if they attempt to break into the garage. Consider installing a motion sensor light directly over the garage to scare off intruders and prevent them from hiding in the dark. Surveillance cameras can also be installed to ensure you can keep a close eye on the perimeter of the garage.

Frost the Windows

Many people have windows on their garage door, but unfortunately, the decorative feature can allow intruders to peek inside as they plan to break into the building. Consider frosting the windows to increase your level of privacy and protect your home. You can also cover the windows with a black film to block visibility. Additional windows on the side of the house should be covered with window treatments.