Sensors Could Keep Your Garage Door From Working Correctly

There are few worse feelings in the world than knowing that your garage door isn’t going to open or close when you push the button on the remote. However, it may not take a lot of time or cost a lot of money for a professional to solve the issue. This is because it may be the result of a sensor that has been blocked or obscured.

A Garage Door Sensor Could Be Blocked By Debris

If the garage door senses anything in its path, it is unlikely to fully close. This could be true whether there is a person laying underneath it or if there are a couple of leaves or sticks laying too close to the door. There could also be a child’s toy, rodent nest or another item that is making it impossible for the door to close without issue. A professional company that provides garage door repair in South Beach will likely be able to help you determine what the problem is.

The Lift Setting Could Have Been Tampered With

Garage doors typically come with open and close lift settings that determine how much force should be applied when it opens and closes. If the settings have been tampered with, the door may not have enough help going all the way to the top of the track. Whoever you get to look at the problem may be able to adjust the settings to ensure that there are no future issues opening or closing the door.

Check to See If a Spring Is Broken

Other possible reasons why a door isn’t opening or closing properly is that there is a broken spring or that the sensor eye isn’t working properly. Alternatively, the door could have been installed improperly so that it doesn’t go straight up and down. Finally, metal parts may need to be lubricated to ensure that the door can move without issue.