Repairing and Restoring Your Garage Door After Fire Damage

If your garage door has sustained fire damage, then replacing the entire door can be unnecessarily costly. Instead, here are a few simple repairs that you can try instead to restore your garage door’s function and appearance.

Replacing Individual Panels

If the fire’s temperature was so high that the heat twisted and warped some of the garage door panels, then there’s still no need to replace the entire door. Whether the door is composed of wooden panels or metal panels, the warped panel can be removed and replaced with a new one. In some cases, metal panels with minimum warping can be hammered out and straightened. If you’re unable to take on this task yourself, consider looking for technicians experienced in garage repair in Los Angeles.

Power Wash the Door

Light soot and scorch marks can be removed by a good power wash. First, do your best to scrub the door clean with soap and hard-bristled brushes. Then, rinse it off with a full-strength garden hose or specialized power washing equipment.

Repaint the Garage Door

In some cases, the damage to the paint of a wooden garage door may be significant, and power washing may not be suitable to remove the damage. But you still don’t need to replace the garage door. Instead, strip the offending coat of paint with the soot and scorch marks. Then, add a new coating of primer. When it’s dry, repaint your garage door the desired color. This could even be an opportunity to change the exterior of your house.