garage classroom

Create an At-Home Learning Space With a Garage Classroom

With a bit of organization and a dash of creativity, you can turn your usual indoor parking spaces into a fun and functional garage classroom. The Los Angeles garage door experts have put together a few helpful tips for creating the perfect space for at-home learning.

First Thing’s First: Clear the Clutter

One key to a successful home educational experience is to ditch the distractions. Garages tend to be a catch-all for storage stuff and things that don’t have a home. Take the time to minimize the clutter by boxing up loose items and stashing as much as possible in a designated area of the garage that will not be part of your classroom. This helps tremendously with creating a focused, comfortable feel for homeschool and virtual learning.

Establish a Specified Workspace in Your Garage Classroom

For the sake of productivity and focus, you will want to create a designated desk area. You don’t need to spend a lot buying new furniture, just look around the house for what you might be able to move into your new home classroom. An old dresser or even a card table with a chair would work just fine. Add the necessary pencils, notebooks, calculators or computer, and your student will be prepared for learning.

Add Some Color and Whimsy to Spark Creativity

This is the fun part. Depending on the age of your students, consider what kind of added décor would help spice up their learning space. Educational posters in vibrant colors are a good choice and are affordably purchased at many craft stores. Tack up some prints of famous artwork, and add some classical “brain-boosting music” in the background. Pretty soon your home classroom will be humming with productivity and learning excitement.

Use these helpful ideas to navigate the next steps in your child’s education. With a bit of effort and teamwork, homeschool families and virtual learners will be on the road to educational success in their new and exciting at-home learning environments.