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Valuable Antiques Hiding in Your Grandparents’ Garage

Most of us can barely remember all the things that we stuff into our garages on a regular basis, so your grandparents most likely have no idea what’s in their garages, either! If you want to sort out a grandparent’s garage before a Los Angeles garage door repair company comes to fix something or you need to start sorting their things for a move, don’t get carried away just throwing everything out. There may be some valuable antiques hidden away in their garage that you can sell and turn a profit on. Below, we’ve put together a guide of some of the antiques and objects you need to keep an eye out for when cleaning out a grandparents’ garage or even your own.

Vintage Clothing

We’re sure that, back in the day, your grandparents were hip and stylish (and probably still are today!), so the one thing you want to look for in any garage is any type of vintage clothing. These days, thrifting is a very popular hobby for a lot of people, and this is where they shop around thrift stores looking for cool, vintage clothing items. But you don’t have to give away the vintage clothes you find in the garage, stuffed in boxes. There are a bunch of online selling sites that allow you to sell vintage clothing, such as jackets, pants, and shirts. You never know who out there is wanting a cool pair of genuine bell-bottoms from the 1970’s!

Dinnerware and Glasses

Another valuable item in your grandparents’ garage could be vintage dinnerware and glasses. Depression-era glass, especially those that are a rare colors or designs, are very collectable. Some people are also chasing vintage plates and china sets.

Turntables and Vinyl

If you grandparents never threw away anything and instead stored it all in the garage, then you may find old musical equipment that is very desirable. For instance, turntables have made quite the comeback in recent years. While some people like to buy brand-new players, others are on the hunt for the real deal. Vinyl records are also very popular, and if you have a rare vinyl, then you have a valuable item hidden in the garage.