Security Considerations for Your Garage Door You Need to Make

If you’re having garage door service in Los Angeles performed on your door, like a brand-new installation or a repair, then you need to worry about security. Your garage door could be open for several hours while the new garage door is installed. Here are a few security considerations for your garage door that you should think about.

Installing Surveillance Is the First Step in Security Considerations for Your Garage Door

The very first step you should take is to install garage door surveillance. A few cameras should be placed outside of the garage as well as inside of it. If anyone attempts to steal anything, they’ll be caught on camera. You can identify them to the police and hopefully have your items returned.

You could also include motion sensors that come with an alarm. This can alert the would-be criminal that you know they’re looking around your garage.

Move Your Items

Another step that you can take to keep your garage safe during an installation is to move your items temporarily out of the garage. You can rent a storage unit for a day and store your car, tools, and other precious items within it. This is one of the best ways to ensure your items remain safe during installation. There simply isn’t anything there for the criminal to steal.

When the installation is complete, you can simply return your items back inside of the garage as if they weren’t moved in the first place.


A cheap way to help keep your garage safe is to tarp the open area until the job can be finished. While criminals could just rip through the tarp, it does create an additional barrier. They might not try anything if they can’t even see what’s inside the garage.