Selecting a Door for a Repurposed Garage

Repurposing your garage allows you to make this space into something different for your needs. Many people turn their garage into a storage space, gym, man cave or anything else. Since the garage will be used differently, you’ll want to get a repurposed garage door that better matches your new needs.

Repurposed Garage Door for Insulation

You may not realize it, but the garage door has a huge impact on temperature control inside the garage. This is somewhat important when you’re parking your car in the garage, but it becomes much more important if you’re spending more time in the garage.

Unless you love being cold during the winter, you’ll want an insulated garage door that keeps warm air in while preventing cold air from getting inside. This often means thicker material and typically metal or wood.

Scratch and Dent Resistant

If you’ll be playing around in your gym or there’s a chance someone or something may hit the garage door, then you’ll want to choose a material that is resistant to scratches and dents. For example, if you make a garage gym and one of the weights rolls into the door, then it may cause a dent if you have the wrong material.

Think about what you’ll be doing and how durable you need the garage door to be. Consider choosing a thicker and more durable material for your needs.

Keep It Cool

Some people face harsh winters and they want to keep their garage warm. Others have harsher summers where the garage can become sweltering. If you are in an area where summers are unforgiving, then you’ll want to choose a garage door that keeps the space cool and doesn’t absorb too much heat.

In this case, you’ll want a thinner Los Angeles garage door that deflects heat. You’ll also want to ensure that the material doesn’t get damaged from prolonged heat exposure.