home with multiple garage doors

Should You Repair Multiple Garage Doors When One Is Broken?

Repairing garage doors is an all-too-common problem for homeowners, but if you have more than one garage door on your home, there are additional issues to consider when you call the repairman. Is it best to repair all of your multiple garage doors when only one is currently is giving you trouble? Here are some things to think about from the specialists in garage repair in Los Angeles.

Garage Door Repair on Multiple Garage Doors

Depending on the type of repair needed, you may be calling in a professional to complete the job. And depending on how often each of those doors is utilized, there may be unequal levels of wear and tear between your each one. It will be best to inspect all the systems on each door just in case there is damage in the other doors you may not have noticed yet. Typically, keeping your system running evenly and at its best may end up requiring some additional upkeep or preemptive repairs even on the doors that are not currently having issues.

Now Is the Time for Extra Garage Door Maintenance

Whether you are completing the repairs yourself or bringing in a garage door repair specialist, this will be the time to do a little preventative maintenance on the currently healthy doors as well. Lubricate moving parts. Carefully inspect all the springs, cables, chains and other system components to identify impending problems before that door faces shut down. In the end, doing repairs on all garage doors at once will give your overall home garage system a level playing field and ensure that everything will run smoothly longer. Also, this will hopefully avoid additional repair visits when another garage door has an issue requiring professional attention or repair.

Not unlike replacing multiple tires on your vehicle when one tire goes out, repairing all your home garage doors when one faces an issue may be the smartest move to help save you time and money in the long run.