dark brown garage doors installed to match your neighborhood

Should Your Garage Door Match Your Neighborhood?

Your garage door is an expression of your home’s personality that should reflect your personal style while taking into consideration the atmosphere of the entire neighborhood. Here are a few tips that’ll help you decide if your garage door should stand out or match your neighborhood.

Standing Out

Adding striking contrasts or vibrant colors to your garage door can enhance the natural features of your home, depending on its, style that can draw attention to your whole neighborhood. Installing beautiful wood garage doors is a great way to make a statement that adds an elegant touch and lovely contrast to houses that are lighter or darker in color. The shade of wood you select is important for creating a stunning visual effect that makes your home stand out even more.

Match Your Neighborhood

If you want a look that will blend in with the neighborhood, consider colors and designs that are neutral yet still complementary to your home’s facade. Grey, tan and beige soften the appearance of your garage door and are the way to go for blending into neighborhoods of similar shades. Some neighborhoods have color schemes that are a bit bolder, allowing you to express your personal style while maintaining visual coherence with other nearby houses.

A Little of Both

Incorporating a bit of contrast while continuing to blend in is a fantastic way to get the best of both worlds. Dark exterior features, such as trim and roofing can be subtly offset, by lighter colors that complement your house and fit in with your neighborhood’s look. During your next garage door repair in South Beach, ask the technicians for advice.