Side-Hinged Garage Doors Are Convenient and Attractive

If you are planning to install a new garage door, you may want to consider a side-hinged door. A good company that provides garage door repair in Long Beach will help you choose the material and style and that is suitable for the architecture of your home.

If You Want a Manual Garage Door, Side-hinged Is the Best

It takes a lot of heavy lifting to open a garage door unless it is side-hinged. Some people may not be tall enough to get the garage door open completely, and some may not be strong enough. This means they have to find help every time they want to open the door.

Your side-hinged door can be automated, so you can open it with a remote. You just need to keep your car a little farther from the door as it will open into the driveway and not pull up to the ceiling like other doors.

There are two ways a side-hinged door can open. It can open from the middle, called 50 percent opening, or you can have a two-third, one-third split and have a smaller opening for use without a car.

Good for Privacy and Security

Most garage doors need to open all the way to allow you to enter whether you have a car or not. This means anyone who passes by can see everything you keep inside your garage. This is not a good idea for anyone, especially if you store valuable tools, bikes or other valuable things in your garage. A side-hinged garage door in Long Beach can open just a few feet, so you can keep your belongings private.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors Look Attractive

Today, unlike in decades past, side-hinged garage doors can be attractive. They are manufactured from a wide variety of materials. Treated wood, steel, aluminum and laminate are just a few of the materials available. A qualified, Long Beach garage door repair service can show you all the possibilities.