How to Fix Common Problems With Your Garage Door Opener

Are you pressing and pressing the opener for your garage door to no avail? It’s understandable to get frustrated in such a situation, but there are some simple tactics you can take that might make your garage door remote problem go away just like that. Read on to learn some easy garage door opener fixes:

1. Check the Remote Batteries

In order to operate, the remote for your garage door relies on the power generated by its internal batteries. Over time, these batteries can lose their juice, and DC batteries that are left unused for a long period of time can also oxidize and become inoperable. Before pursuing any fixes that are more complicated or time-intensive, you should definitely check your remote’s battery. Most garage door opener remotes take either AA or AAA batteries.

2. Check the Transmitter Antenna

Every garage door opener motor connects to its remote or remotes by way of an RF transmitter antenna. Under ideal circumstances, this antenna hangs from the bottom of your garage door opener motor, and it has a clear range of broadcast down your driveway. However, this antenna can sometimes become disconnected, and it can also become blocked or damaged in the course of its lifetime. If you can’t get your garage door to open, you should enter your garage through your house and make sure that this vital antenna is situated in its ideal operating position.

3. Reprogram Your Remote and Keypad

You also might be able to fix your garage door opener by resetting the sensitive electronics in your remote or keypad. Each garage door opener is different, so you’ll want to consult your user manual before you proceed. If you need extra help with your Los Angeles garage door, you can always get in touch with a qualified garage door repair technician.