technicians installing new garage door panel to avoid entire replacement

Affordable Garage Door Repairs Help You Avoid Replacing Them Entirely

Whether your garage door is on the fritz, has sustained some damage or just doesn’t feel like it should, getting it replaced altogether may not be the answer. Most of the time, your garage door just needs a simple, quick and affordable garage door repair in Los Angeles. Here are three garage door repairs that won’t require an entire replacement.

Damaged Panel

One damaged panel doesn’t spell disaster that requires a replacement. Instead, a quick assessment of the damage and swift intervention prevents the likelihood that your garage door will need to be replaced entirely. The repair of a single panel is also the most cost-effective solution provided that it’s dealt with before the problem spreads.

Entire Replacement of Worn-Out Springs

If your garage door feels heavier than usual, then your garage door springs may be worn out. Replacing the springs is an inexpensive and quick fix that gets your garage door back on track by lightening its load. Check to see if the springs show signs of rust, look stretched or are damaged, making sure to replace all the springs even if only one is damaged. Help from a professional is still the best route for this simple yet potentially tricky fix that saves you time and stress.

Door Stopped Working? Don’t Panic

Don’t fret if your garage door suddenly stops working. It may just be the batteries in your remote, but if it isn’t, be sure to call a professional for a fast diagnosis. Many times, a nonfunctioning garage door is a sign of an isolated issue that doesn’t require a complete replacement.