Making Sure Your Garage Doors Are Childproof

When children are running around your household, any item can be a source of danger. Your garage doors aren’t an exception. A garage door can be a fascinating toy to a kid, but as you know, a closing garage door in the process of closing can be a severe threat. There are fast and easy ways you can use right now to make your garage door childproof and guard your little ones against danger.

Review Your Garage Door Sensors

The safety sensors on your garage doors shine a beam that spreads across the length of your doors. If the beam is interrupted, the functioning of the sensors makes your garage door reverse back open at every attempt to close. To ensure the sensors are fully operational, try to close the door while blocking your sensor’s path. If the door halts and reverses, then you’ll know the sensor isn’t working properly. If it doesn’t stop, reinstate your sensors right away.

Inspect the Auto-Reverse Feature

Every Los Angeles garage door repair or installation after 1991 comes built-in with an auto-reverse feature. As with your safety sensors, this function should be tested routinely to ensure it’s in working order. For this test, set a 2 x 4 right under the middle part of your garage door. As the door comes against the wood, it’s supposed to reverse back into position. Another test you can do is to stop the door with your hands on its way down. When everything’s working as it’s intended, the reversal should happen within two seconds.

Cover Holes and Gaps

If the garage door runs on a track, the risk of little fingers getting stuck is there. To avoid injury, cover the small holes on the garage door tracks with duct tape. The section joints of your doors can also mean danger to little fingers. Although duct tape won’t work here, some more modern doors incorporate protective joints.