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Look for These South Beach Garage Door Repair Issues When Shopping for a New Home

There’s no doubt about it; buying a new home can be a very exciting time in one’s life. However, it is this excitement that often leads homebuyers to lose track of what they should actually be doing, and that is looking for any issues with the home, particularly the garage door. According to South Beach garage door repair companies, garage door inspections are usually left out, and thus homeowners are stuck with a hefty repair bill. Read on to learn about what garage door issues you should keep an eye out for.

South Beach Garage Door Repair Companies Recommend Testing the Door

According to South Beach garage door repair companies, the very first thing you should do when you are looking at a home’s garage is to test it. This means testing both the manual and automatic opening systems to ensure that all components are working properly. Your real estate agent should have no problem allowing you to do this as long as they are there to supervise the test. Huge red flags should stand out if they are not allowing you to test the door.

Loud Metallic Noises from Above

Although innovations in technology have allowed the garage door to become quieter, many of them still make some noise as they move up and down the tracking system. This is perfectly normal for many of the types of doors in the market today. However, an excess amount of noise is never a good sign. Los Angeles garage door service professionals often want home buyers that any loud metallic noises coming from the garage door can mean that the door has not been serviced in a while or that some component is going to fail very soon.

Cracking on Wooden Doors

If you’re shopping for an older home, it’s likely that it’s going to have a wooden garage door attached to it. Wooden garage doors provide homes with a very regal look and thus are highly sought-after. However, they are also much more likely to obtain damage from the elements. That is why it is so important to be looking for any cracking along the garage door. Cracks, if left unrepaired, can quickly expand throughout the year, potentially damaging other parts of the garage, such as the tracking system. Finding cracks should certainly not be a deal-breaker. All you need is to call in a garage repair Los Angeles service company to conduct a few touch-ups.

Look for Broken or Damaged Weather Sealant

Because the home garage isn’t insulated and often used for storage, the last thing you want is the elements coming through your door. Usually, when a garage door is in good shape, the weather sealant is what is keeping these things at bay. That is why it is so important to inspect the weather sealant around the door before signing on the dotted line. Although an easy fix, you are going to want the seller to replace this before you move in.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

As stated above, one of the most important things you should do during your home tour is asking your agent to allow you to test out the garage door. Other than noises, you should also notice how the door is moving. If you notice that it’s moving fast or having difficulty opening and closing, there may be a serious issue with the tension springs. The tension springs are located on the side of your garage or right above the door. As the name suggests, they hold tension which is then used to bring up and down the door slowly and safely. However, over time, they could begin to lose tension. Fortunately, this is a rather easy repair that any garage door repair South Beach company can do for you.

Outdated Garage Door Motor

Although it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for issues with the garage door, there is one more aspect that you may want to keep in mind. Upgrades are something that homebuyers, especially new ones, tend to shy away from. But the fact is that most homeowners will take requests into consideration in order to sell their home. One of the areas to request an upgrade is if the garage door has an outdated motor. This is because of a couple of reasons. One of these includes the amount of noise and power that older motors require for the garage door to work properly. The second includes the lifespan of the motor itself. While it may work fine right now, it’s not likely to last you past a couple of years. After making such a larger purchase, the last thing you want is a large expense right off the bat.