steel garage doors

A Look at Steel Garage Doors

There are various materials used to manufacture garage doors, but steel offers the most strength. It is also affordable, low maintenance and can be painted to resemble wood. If you are considering getting a Los Angeles garage repair, you may want to consider having a new steel garage door installed. You can choose from different gauges or thicknesses according to your needs. Here’s what you need to know about steel garage doors.

What Is Steel Gauge?

The thickness of the steel sheeting used to make your garage door is measured in gauges. A higher-gauge number, such as 27 or 28, is a thinner sheet. Medium gauge is usually 25 or 26, and top-quality steel doors use 24-gauge steel. These numbers are mainly for residential purposes. Commercial doors may have a thicker gauge.

How to Choose the Right Strength for Steel Garage Doors

Thinner-gauge steel doors cost less and may be fine if you don’t have any other issues. If you have children or adults who play basketball in front of your garage, the thinner-gauge door could be dented when hit by a basketball or tricycle. Low-gauge doors are not suitable for double-size garages.

Insulation is important for energy efficiency in your garage door, but if you don’t need it, single-layer low-gauge steel is recommended. The thicker the gauge, the better the R-value. This means it doesn’t easily transfer heat. In Los Angeles, this could help reduce your air conditioning bill.

In California, garage doors must have wind-load reinforcements. They look the same as regular garage doors but are compliant with the state building codes. If you want a one-layer, uninsulated door, it’s better to get lower-gauge steel. However, insulation is your best option for saving energy.

Double-layered doors are the best for insulation, strength and durability. They are less susceptible to bends, cracks and folds in the panels. This type of door is recommended for garages that are attached to the house.