What to Do If Someone Steals Your Garage Door Remote

Garage door remotes are extremely useful to use and offer a high level of convenience by allowing you to enter or exit the garage with a push of a button. Most people store the remote in their purse or car, which can make it accessible to thieves who spot it. If your garage door remote is stolen in the future, it’s important to protect your home by taking a few necessary steps.

Disable the Remote

One of the first steps you’ll need to take is to disable the remote once you realize it’s been misplaced or stolen. The remote emits a signal that is picked up by the receiver in the housing where the motor for the garage door is located. Find the colored button on the motor housing, which will disconnect from all remotes once it’s pushed. Wait until you purchase a new remote to reprogram the device to the new signal.

Use the Lock Button

Homeowners who don’t want to hassle deprogramming everything can resort to using the lock button to protect their house when they no longer have access to the garage door remote. The lock button is located on the control panel and will disable all signals once it’s pressed. This step can allow you to continue opening and closing the garage door by utilizing the button on the control panel.

Unplug the Door Opener

You may need to consider unplugging the garage door opener from the outlet on the wall until locating the remote or replacing the device if you aren’t experienced with the garage door parts. Unplugging the door opener is the fastest way to protect your home if you’re unsure of what to do until replacing the remote. Unplugging the door opener is an easy step to take, which will reduce the risk of needing garage door repair in Long Beach if you attempt to mess with the parts and make a mistake.