Keep Your Garage Door Seal in Good Repair

The seal on your garage door protects your door from closing too hard. It keeps out the rain as well as animals that may be looking for shelter. It may be the last thing you think of when you call for a garage door repair in Los Angeles, but it shouldn’t be.

The Importance of Garage Door Seals

Los Angeles doesn’t often get freezing weather, but it does get rain. Water damage is one of the worst disasters that can happen to a building. If your garage door seal isn’t working properly, your door and garage could be susceptible to moisture that is a breeding ground for mold. Once mold begins to grow, it can be difficult and costly to remove.

A good seal will keep out snakes, insects and other unwanted creatures that may take up residence in your garage.

The seal also helps cushion your door when it closes. If it hits the ground hard every time, your door could crack or even break.

How to Know If the Garage Door Seal Is Working

You will see some signs that your weatherstripping isn’t working. You may find puddles of water inside your garage or see that the metal components of the garage door opener are beginning to rust.

Los Angeles garages may be air-conditioned. If you feel a small breeze or see a large amount of sunlight coming from your garage door, the seal is probably allowing your air conditioning to escape. This is costly because it means your air conditioner is overworking and will wear out sooner than it should. It will also make your energy bill higher. The same is true for heating.

Causes of Malfunctioning Garage Door Seals

Harsh weather including heat and cold, animals chewing on the seal and age are some main reasons your garage seal is not doing its job. Even a poorly functioning seal is better than none, so don’t remove your seal until you are ready to have a new one installed.