What Makes an Eco-Friendly Garage Door

Replacing weather-stripping is among the most common Los Angeles garage door repair calls because even with proper lubrication, that material can wear out in just several years or so. But when it comes to eco-friendly garage doors, the modern discussion extends far beyond just weather-stripping and actually begins with a concept known as R-Value.

What Is R-Value?

R-Value is a metric that measures thermal resistance. If a garage door has low thermal resistance, then that is rather large space through which hot or cold air can enter your home. In other words, the better the R-Value, the better the insulation, and the garage doors with the highest R-Values are often triple-layer doors that actually have an insulation layer. If your R-Value is low, you may want to consider having an insulation kit installed or replacing the garage doors outright.

Garage Insulation

Be mindful that many garages are not insulation during initial construction. An uninsulated garage can create a problem that the R-Value of your garage door alone cannot overcome. If you have an attached garage, then you want to ensure at the very least that the interior wall is insulated. Insulating the other walls will make your garage even more efficient, and if you opt to condition the air in your garage, the added insulation will make that more cost-effective.

Programmable Openers

Ever forget to close your doors after arriving home? That can really undermine the efficiency you’ve worked hard to achieve. A smart garage door opener can close doors automatically and based on settings that you program.


Finally, weatherproofing is very important as well, and any weather-stripping should be lubricated annually in order to protect it and replaced at the first signs of wear. Don’t forget weather-stripping around garage door windows as well as any side windows and doors that your garage may have.