Your garage door maintenance checklist should include a visual, sound, and physical inspection, and you should also test your safety sensors.

Annual Checklist for Garage Door Maintenance

Just like any other mechanical part of your house, you must inspect your garage door and complete regular maintenance on it. The biggest reason you need to develop good garage door maintenance habits is that you can often find small problems before they turn into big, costly problems. To help you design a good maintenance plan, we’ve put together the ultimate checklist for ensuring that your garage door is working exactly as it should be.

Visual and Sound Check

The easiest way to inspect a garage door is to do so a visual check of the garage door itself. To do this, you need to simply open and close the garage door a few times, looking for any jerky movements or if the door is getting stuck on the track anywhere. You will also want to do as soundcheck as well when the garage door is opening and closing. Listen for strange grinding, squeaking, or rattling sounds that don’t seem right. Usually, tightening the bolts and brackets or oiling the garage door chain can get rid of these issues.

Physical Inspection

You also want to inspect the garage door itself, looking for any wear or tear, including dents or rot, if you have a wooden garage door. You want to make sure that your garage door is in good shape and doesn’t have any physical damage. Also, check the weather stripping to make sure that it hasn’t rotted or torn away. Weatherstripping is important as it acts as a barrier to bugs, heat, and the elements.

Test Other Features

Next up on your checklist is ensuring that all your other garage door features are working properly. Replace the batteries in any garage door remotes and openers so you know they won’t run out of power on you.

Garage Door Maintenance and Safety

Last, you want to check your garage door safety sensors. An easy way to do this is by placing a study object in the path of the garage door and then closing it. If your safety sensors are working properly, once the door hits the object, it should move back upwards. If your safety sensors fail, then it’s best to turn to a garage door service in Los Angeles for help.