Garage Door Security Features You Don’t Necessarily Notice

Your garage door may come with a variety of features that are designed to ensure that no one gets into your home without your permission. For instance, it may only be possible to open it by entering a code or using a fingerprint. However, there are some other features that may be just as important even if they are less obvious at first glance.

Frosted Glass Windows

Glass windows can add a unique look and feel to a garage door. However, they can also be a great way for a potential thief to see directly into your garage and take stock of what it contains. Frosted glass is ideal for when you want your home to look different without sacrificing privacy. Garage door windows can also be made extra thick to ensure that they cannot be broken by a crowbar, bat or other object a thief may use.

Deadbolt Lock

Most modern garage doors will open and close only when they receive an electrical signal from the garage door opener. However, many garage doors will also come with a deadbolt that can be used to ensure that the door cannot be opened if a thief somehow has access to a remote opener. A garage door repair Long Beach company may be able to fix a broken deadbolt or fix any issues with an opener.

Don’t Take Garage Door Security for Granted

When you buy a garage door, be sure to read about the security features that it comes with. It is also important to know where to turn in case these features don’t work properly or are tampered with. If you need an issue resolved immediately, garage door repair service may be available on an emergency basis.