sizing your garage in a new home

3 Considerations When Sizing Your Garage Door

The garage door is a prominent feature on every home, and making sure it fits just right is important for its proper functioning as well as aesthetic appeal. Here are three tips to consider when you’re sizing your garage door.

Number of Cars

The number of cars your garage can hold is the first thing to consider when determining the size of your garage door. If you have a single-, two- or three-car garage, the dimensions are going to vary, especially if you have two single-car garages or a mixture of each. Knowing the size of the area that your garage door will need to accommodate, which a company that provides Los Angeles garage door repairs can help you calculate, allows you to find a door that’ll fit perfectly while enhancing curb appeal.

Think About Shape When Sizing Your Garage Door

Your garage door’s shape also comes into play when you’re determining the right size. Classic garage door styles, like carriage and traditional, are curved at the top, so they’ll have different measurements than standard garage doors that are ordinarily square or rectangular. Taking these variations into consideration helps to find a garage door that not only looks beautiful but functions well due to its consistent and snug fit.

Vehicle Size

If you have larger vehicles, their height and width should be taken into consideration when choosing your garage door’s size. Making sure there’s enough room to accommodate taller and wider cars and trucks, in addition to extra vehicles if your garage is big enough, provides you with the correct dimensions to find the garage door that’s the perfect fit for your garage and your home.