Preventative Maintenance for Your Garage Doors

When we experience failures in life, they always seem to hit at the worst time. Garages are an important part of daily life that many Los Angelenos find hard to deal with when they begin to malfunction. If you have important possessions that you need to secure or a car that is stuck inside, a locksmith just won’t cut it. Many garage doors seize shut from faulty cables or broken torsion springs. You will benefit by preparing for a garage door repair in Los Angeles by keeping a 24/7 repair service number on-hand to prepare for any emergency situation.

Save Money by Lubricating Wear Items

Like anything, your garage doors will eventually fail from wear and tear over time. The cables can fray, the torsion springs can rust out and break, and the motor can burn out. There are numerous issues that affect the long-term durability of your garage door. One easy trick you can do yourself is applying lubricants like White Lithium grease to the cables and wheel guides inside the garage. If you want to spare yourself the expense of replacing costly garage doors, it only makes sense to have your garage door inspected and serviced annually in the same manner you might call a professional to service your pool. A garage door that opens and closes smoothly and that is thoroughly inspected for signs of wear can save you from that damaged door and dreaded lockout scenario that requires emergency assistance.

Applying White Lithium Grease

The tracks, cables, and roller wheels that provide the smooth and efficient function of your garage doors are also susceptible to corrosion and sticking. Applying White Lithium grease is an easy preventative maintenance tip that anyone can use. You simply purchase an aerosol filled can of White Lithium grease from any auto parts store and spray onto the tracks, cables, torsion springs, and roller wheels from inside your garage with the door closed.