Don’t Take Your Garage Door for Granted

Just like other appliances in the home, we may depend on our garage door and not consider that it could break without warning. When that happens, your home may be more exposed than is safe, and you need a Los Angeles garage door repair quickly. It could happen when you come home late at night. You press your remote and nothing happens. Another possibility is it goes half-way up and drops back down. This is extremely inconvenient at any time but especially when you are tired at the end of the day.

What Can Go Wrong?

The rollers guide the door as it opens and support it. Well-designed rollers can last for about 80,000 opening and closing cycles. This is the common life of an automatic garage door.

The cables maintain tension on the torsion springs and help guide the rollers. If your cables break, your door may not open at all or it may try to open on one side where the cable is not broken making the door look lopsided. Good cables will not fray easily and can withstand weather extremes from high temperatures to freezing.

There are several reasons why the rollers may go off the tracks. If the springs are broken or if the door hits an object while closing, it can be knocked off the tracks.

The Motor

If the motor isn’t working properly, it may start to make strange noises. You are used to the sound of your garage door and can tell immediately if the sound changes. Motor problems may be caused by other issues, or they may create other problems. You will need emergency garage door repair in Los Angeles if your motor starts to malfunction.

High-Quality Parts

If your automatic garage door needs repair in Los Angeles, it’s important to make sure that any parts replacements are done with high-quality parts. This will ensure that your door lasts without needing repair as long as possible.