man cleaning garage to remove door stains

Tips for Removing Door Stains From Your Home Garage

Most garage doors are created to withstand the harsh elements. This means they are also created with material that tends to show dirt easily. Ensuring that stains are clean every once in a while can improve the overall appearance of your home. Therefore, the following includes tips for removing door stains from your garage quickly and efficiently.

Choose Your Soap Wisely for Door Stains

Although most garage doors are created to withstand some of the harshest weather, the fact is that they usually can’t handle harsh chemicals. Some of the best type of soap to use includes dish washing and car washing soap. It should be noted that you must still be very careful when scrubbing each door panel.

Don’t Forget the Tracking System

The tracking system of a garage door runs from the sides of the door to the top of the ceiling. Because this component also accumulates dirt and debris, it should not be ignored when you’re washing the rest of the garage door. It can also be a good time for a garage door service Los Angeles company to come in and inspect this very sensitive component.

Extra Protection With Wax

Even after you’ve gotten rid of all the garage door stains, you may notice that it will accumulate quite rapidly. A great way to reduce the amount of dirt that comes back onto the door, you may want to wax the service of it. Car wax is good enough to help minimize the wear and tear on the door.

Here’s When to Use Bleach

Earlier, we stated that you should never use harsh chemicals, but the fact is that some stains are just not going to come off with simple soap and water. Within tough spots, you may utilize bleach to remove the stain. After the stain is off, it is recommended to wash off the area as much as possible. This will prevent any leftover bleach from running down to the rest of your door.