How to Choose a Carriage House Garage Door

People tend to consider a lot when it comes to picking just the right door for their garages. Cost, design, and finishes are some crucial factors. In the same light, carriage house garage doors have become a favorite among modern house owners. Long Beach garage door repair and maintenance experts recommend that you look into the following options before you reach a purchasing decision.

What Is New with Carriage House Garage Doors?

Carriage-styled garage doors bring along a wide variety of steel and wood options. You can choose from:
• Gallery Collection – It combines aspects of beauty and functionality in equal measure. Garage door repair Long Beach personnel will install for you a traditionally hoisted steel door with a groove-like design.
• Grand Harbor Collection – If you are a sucker for classic designs, this one is for you. It boasts of clean-lined steel doors that are versatile.
• Canyon Ridge Collection – This type of carriage-styled garage door has a traditional wood look. Garage door maintenance in Long Beach service members will get you its steel doors, which have an insulated wood overlay.
• Coachman Collection – Carriage garage doors in this category look like they chip from authentic wood. It consists of long-lasting steel covered with proper height of wood overlay. Additionally, you can summon Long Beach Garage door repair and maintenance personnel to help you carve out an aesthetic garage door appearance.

Steel vs. Wood Carriage Garage Doors

Now that you are in the hunt for a carriage-styled garage door, should you go for wood or steel? What’s different between the two?

Steel doors require low maintenance, and you can find them in insulated or non-insulated forms. They also hold paint for a couple of years, meaning you won’t have to repaint often.

Wood carriage doors, on the other hand, are natural and elegant. They are also easy to tailor to your specifications.

When you finally decide to purchase a carriage house garage door, you can contact Long Beach garage door repair firms to give you further insight.