Choosing the right garage door material is critical, and the decision should never be rushed. Therefore, the following includes information regarding two of the more popular garage door material options.

Fiberglass Garage Doors Versus Aluminum Ones

Choosing your garage door material can be an exciting yet daunting decision. Fortunately, you are likely to only have two options, fiberglass and aluminum. Although both are praised for their durability, both do hold their difference as well. Thus, the following includes some of the advantages and disadvantages of both these types of materials.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Perhaps the most popular reason why people choose to install a fiberglass garage door is because of the fact that it usually comes insulated. An insulated garage door provides homeowners with a comfortable garage door as well as a lower monthly utility bill. The next benefit of fiberglass material is the fiberglass itself. This type of material makes the garage door that much more durable than aluminum and other types of garage doors. In addition, it also provides homeowners with a very sound resistant material to keep outside noise from penetrating the home. Lastly, if your home is on the newer side, fiberglass doors provide a much better look in terms of aesthetics than other more traditional materials.


Aluminum garage doors are also very popular, and that is because they also offer a very strong material for homeowners to enjoy for years to come. Next is the weight of this type of door. Compared to other types of garage doors, aluminum doors are extremely lightweight, and thus when it comes to having to replace them, the cost won’t be too high. In fact, most Los Angeles garage door repair companies can easily purchase and install a replacement in no time.


When it comes to choosing a garage door material for your home, you should always look at your particular situation. Both types of materials offer their own advantages, and thus you need to compare your needs to what they offer. Utilize the information above to determine which material is right for your own home.