You’ve spent thousands upon thousands on a new home, surely everything must work fine, right? Read on to learn some of the best ways to conduct an inspection on your home’s garage door to ensure proper functionality.

Inspecting the Garage Door of Your New Home

Unfortunately, just because you’ve purchased a new home does not mean everything will work properly. Although a home inspection is conducted before a home is listed, some things can be overlooked, liked the garage door. Therefore, the following includes information regarding how to conduct your own inspection of the garage door to ensure that everything is working perfectly.

Inspection Not Testing

Although it’s natural to want to test out the door automatically, you shouldn’t, and here’s why. Garage doors are usually held up by various components, but the most common of these to break are springs. A broken spring is not just a headache to deal with, but something that can cause severe bodily injury. Therefore, before attempting to open the door, look at all the springs and see if you have any severely damaged springs or completely snapped ones. If so, contact a Los Angeles garage repair company immediately as only a professional can safely fix these types of problems.

Manual Mode

When emergencies happen, and power is suddenly turned off, your garage door remote won’t be much of any use to you anymore. Therefore, in order to make sure your family and yourself have a fighting chance of escaping a home fire or blackout, you should make sure that the manual mode is working. This is often a red lever or rope hanging from the top of your garage motor. Pulling on this converts it into a manually operated garage door that you can simply lift up.

Photoelectric Sensors

Much like store doors that open when someone is getting close to them, garage doors also have a sensor that tells the door when something is in its path. This is done to prevent children and pets from being hurt as well as to protect your car from damage. You may test this by closing the garage door with your remote and waving an object underneath it. The door should sense this and begin to reverse itself.