What to Look for in an Unresponsive Garage Door Opener

A garage is a must have for many homeowners. In today’s society, it is more than just an area to park your vehicle. Some homeowners turn their garage into storage areas and man caves. However, if your garage door motor stops responding, then you are left trying to open and close your garage door. Read on to find out how to fix an unresponsive garage door opener.

Check Your Remote

You need to find out if something is wrong with your door’s motor. It starts with checking your garage remote. You should change the batteries to see if that helps. If the motor still does not respond, then it may need to be reprogrammed. You will need your owner’s manual to reprogram your remote. If this does not work, then you may need to change out your remote.

Check for the Locking Function

Some garage doors have a locking function feature. When this feature is activated, it prevents the garage door from being opened. The locking feature prevents your door from being opened by the wall opener and the remote. You want to check your wall opener for the small lock button. This button should not be switched to the “on” position. If the button is on, then you will need to deactivate it.

Check Your Sensors

Garage doors are required to have sensors. This safety feature protects against injury and property destruction. If something is blocking your sensors, then it prevents your garage door from closing. You want to make sure your garage sensors are in proper alignment. If one sensor falls out of alignment, then it becomes difficult to communicate with the other sensor. This results in an unresponsive garage door.

If your door opener is not responding, then you should check your power source. You want to make sure that the door’s motor is plugged into the connection. If the motor is plugged in, then you should also check your circuit breaker. After trying these different things, you should be able to determine the problem. If not, it is time to call in a professional.

If you live in South Beach, then you get to enjoy warm weather year-round. It is common to park your car on the grass after a wash. However, your car may stay in this spot if your garage malfunctions. It is time to call a technician that can provide you with a garage door repair in South Beach to get your door back in working condition.