One of the most common issues that you will face regarding the garage door is the sensor going out every once in a while. However, the problem might not always be electrical. Read on to learn some helpful tips regarding a sensor that isn’t working.

What to Do When the Sensor Component on Your Garage Door Goes Out

The garage door is one of the most useful items we have within our homes. One of the things that make it such a convenience is the garage door sensor component. This sensor is what helps read your remote command, thus allowing you to open and close your garage door. So what happens when it suddenly stops working? The following includes information on just what to look out for when seeking to troubleshoot a malfunctioning sensor.

Is the Sensor Component Receiving Power?

It might be the most obvious thing to check, but you would be surprised how many times companies that provide garage door repairs in Los Angeles find out that the only thing wrong with a sensor is that it’s not plugged in correctly. If you don’t want to take the time to move all your garage items out of the way to view the power plug, there is a way of finding out if it’s getting adequate power. Simply look at the sensor’s LED lights. If you see two green lights, then power is not an issue. Red and green is a good indication that not enough power is getting to the sensor.

Dirty Lenses

Perhaps the most common thing that makes sensors not read your remote correctly is that they are simply dirty. Because the garage door opens and constantly closes throughout the day, it will naturally bring in dirt, rain, and other debris. This causes grime to build up. Simply grab a soft cloth and a cleaner that won’t leave streaks, and simply wipe it clean.

Not Properly Aligned

Another reason why your sensor isn’t working correctly is that it may be out of alignment. You can tell this is the issue if you see the LED lights on the senior blinking. Oftentimes, the only work you will have to do is to reinforce the bracket where the sensor is located.