Wheelchair-Friendly Garage Doors for the Wheelchair-Bound

Throughout the year’s innovations in garage doors have allowed homeowners to have a convenient way of accessing their garage each and every day. Mechanisms, technology, and other handy tools have truly made garage doors that much better. However, these same improvements also pose an issue for those who may be wheelchair-bound or have other types of disabilities. Here are some ways to make your garage door that much more wheelchair-friendly.


A few malfunctions or delayed movements might not be a big deal for the average homeowner, but if you’re wheelchair-bound, it can pose a dangerous risk to your safety. This is why it is incredibly important to have a Los Angeles garage door repair or inspection performed every few months. This will allow you to have peace of mind that it will be working each and every time it’s used.


One of the best ways to ensure that any person in a wheelchair is going to be comfortable throughout the whole process of loading and unloading is to purchase a garage door with premium materials. These typically include garage doors that have insulation. This can be made out of fiberglass, wood, or steel, and it will provide you with a warmer garage during those harsh winter months.

Wheelchair-Friendly Automatic Doors

If you don’t currently have a garage door that automatically opens it is highly recommended that you obtain one. In addition, you will need to make certain modifications to this door, such as placing the remote control in a reachable position. This will allow for easier accessibility. Lastly, you will need to make sure that the emergency release pull cord is lengthened to a lower position. This cord, as the name might indicate, allow a person to escape the garage in the event of a mechanical malfunction. Most cords are at standing level and thus need to be modified for someone at wheelchair level.