How to Prevent Your Garage From Flooding


Garages are susceptible to flooding because they’re often located at the end of a slope, and there’s only one entrance point through which the water flows. Without the necessary precautions, your garage could flood, causing irreparable damage to your vehicle and belongings. Here are some tips to prevent your garage from flooding. Contact Los Angeles garage door repair technicians who will be able to assist you with the following steps in flood-proofing your garage.

Attach Weather Stripping to the Bottom of Your Garage Door

The bottom of the garage door is the entry point for floodwater. Place weather stripping at the bottom of the door and check it periodically to make sure that it’s still strong. If there’s a gap between the weather stripping and the floor, then it needs to be replaced. Contact

Install Drains and Flood Vents

The primary reason for flooded garages is that once water enters, there’s nowhere for that water to go. If you install drains outside your garage at an angle that allows water to flow into the drains rather than directly into your garage, then you’ll preempt the problem, reducing the possibility of a flooded garage. Flood vents can be installed inside your garage to drain away the water if it’s entered and prevent water buildup and flooding.

Seal Cracks and Crevices With a Waterproof Veneer

Water can drip through the tiny cracks of your garage door and walls. Carefully apply a waterproof veneer to the side walls bordering your garage door. Then, if your garage door has wooden slats, apply the veneer to the spaces between the slats to minimize the potential for leaks.