How to Keep From Losing Your Garage Door Remote Control

The highly populated Los Angeles is a soft target for burglaries. You are likely to get worried when your garage remote control gets lost, or you misplace it.

Thieves think differently from the rest of us. You may dismiss the loss of your garage door remote as something of no significant importance. However, for thieves, it is the key to a fortune. You don’t want to find your valuable garage items stolen, do you?

Things to Do to If Your Garage Door Remote Control Is Stolen or Lost

• Don’t panic- Typical of any burglary situation, the loss of your garage remote control may send you into a panic. However, it is not warranted. Garage door repair experts recommend that you should calm down in such a situation. Take appropriate measures to prevent the thief from using the remote, and then your home will be safe.

• Disable the remote- If you can’t find your garage door remote, unplug the door opener. This way, you’ll get more time to look for it.

• Wipe out the remote’s memory- If you are not sure of how you can delete the remote’s memory, contact your Los Angeles garage door repair personnel, and they’ll help you deactivate it.

Why You Need to Buy a Replacement

If you still own the old opener coders and your garage door remote is still missing, it’s time you ask a professional. They’ll recommend a few options that you should assess before purchasing a new garage remote control.

Remember, you must get a replacement as soon as you can. All garages have a door leading to the main house. If a thief can get into your garage, they can as well access your home. Don’t put your valuables at risk. In hindsight, keep your garage door remote control in a safe place.